• Increase your knowledge and improve your foreign language skills at the same time

  • Globalize your profession!

  • Wherever you are, whenever you want!

  • Improve yourself easily

  • International communication is the key for international career


Improve yourself easily with interactive videos, varied online exercises and all the other qualified materials LinguaVoca offers you.

Globalize your profession!

LinguaVoca gives you the opportunity to increase your knowledge and to improve your foreign language skills for specific purposes.


Participanta of each individual course will be awarded an online “Certificate of Participation” at the end of the course. Those, who take the assessment test and get a passing mark will also be awarded an online “Certificate of Successful Completion”. The required assessment score for a “Certificate of Successful Completion” is 70 points in general, unless the evaluation criteria for a specific course is different.

Upon completion of the course, online assessment will be accessible for 1 week. Participants can take the assessment test only once.

Internationally Oriented Career

With the growth of international businesses, nowadays proficiency in a foreign language is a job requirement for many businesses around the globe. Millions of people feel the necessity of picking up a foreign language improving their existing skills to take advantage of better job opportunities.
We know that it is not easy to get ready for an international career while studying at university. Speaking a foreign language is significantly different from good technical foreign language skills.
That’s why we came up with the idea of offering students and working people the opportunity to improve their vocational foreign language skills
We believe, language should not create a barrier in the world of work.

About Our Courses

Unlike live courses, all our course videos are produced in green box studios; hence LinguaVoca learners don't have to worry about unexpected surprises. The lecture videos, interactive videos, online exercises, quizzes and assessments are provided in accordance with LinguaVoca standards.
That's why it takes time to prepare new courses for you. We started with courses on English (ESP) and are currently preparing some more, such as "Human Anatomy & Physiology for Healthcare Professionals", "English for Real Estate Agents", "English for Humanitarian Aid Workers" etc.
We have also initiated producing materials in other languages such as German, Spanish, Italian, Chinese and Arabic, but that's not all. Our team is looking forward to covering many more languages in the future.